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B. Desert Primrose 34” square Mulayam Cotton Scarf

B. Desert Primrose 34” square Mulayam Cotton Scarf

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Here’s my Desert Primrose design, part of my Summer Collection. This scarf is for pastel & peach lovers. Its soft combination of white blooms with rose terracotta buds, green leaves and pale peach background is easy for most complexions. Very pretty and excellent for earthy, pastel or neutral outfits. Done in a soft, slightly sheer Mulayam Cotton with 1/8” machine stitched rolled hems, approximately 34” square. Fabric printed in the UK, drawings and stitching done by myself. 

The inspiration: I’m now on year two living in the Southwest. Something that’s really struck me is how many of the wildflowers here seem to put out minimal green and maximize putting flowers out early in the season. Then they keep blooming for months! These Desert Primrose begin blooming in April and keep it up all the way into the fall. 

If you’d like to order this in Silk Twill or other sizes let me know. Special orders take about 3 weeks. 

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